best compliment

They frowned, looked askance at me, and then spat the word out, turning away. “Weirdo!” My eyes widened and sparkled, the corners of my mouth turning upward. For Three Line Tales – week 304. きみ、変わってるよ。一番の褒め言葉だね。ありがとう。 Continue reading best compliment

ten years later

A monster tramped in the falling snow, growling and devouring everything in its path, wiping out the reminders of civilization and leaving rubble and grime before returning to the sea. Familiar scenes vanished and became memories, tears were shed until no more, and resilience was imposed to persevere. Today, the sea is calm while, on the shore, a different type of varmint rages on, and … Continue reading ten years later

tempus fugit

  She leans in to scrutinize the stranger. The blotchy haggard face with narrowed eyes, scraggly salt-and-pepper hair barely covering the dry scalp, and skeletal contour. I hope I won’t look like that when I get old, she touches the hollow cheek in the mirror with her wrinkled hand.   For Three Line Tales, Week 224. photo by Nick Fewings via Unsplash Continue reading tempus fugit