good night and sweet dreams

Sleepless nights, I dream I am walking through a jungle: grass and mud crushing underneath my feet, my feeble steps leaving an impalpable path behind. Starless nights, I see only a shadow. Of me, a widow crowned with nothing but pretension, wailing silently, the jungle swaying around me. Restless nights, I sleep soundly. The jungle and anguish are my companions, confidantes. Licking the wounds that … Continue reading good night and sweet dreams


  Sparkles on foliage after the morning rain And the aroma of wet grass flowing. I look into the dogs’ bright eyes, their heads tilting.   The darkness at night, Grief and suffering of people, And shadows in my head wailing. I scratch the dogs’ bellies nearby, their paws on me.   A glimpse of hope and dreams, Maybe, belongs to the future. Lessons learned … Continue reading dark

another day in paradise

  I am definitely feeling weird, confused. Not the same way I felt when I quit my job and became uninvolved, but something unsettling is stalking inside me. In the head, squiggly black lines scratch everywhere, bumping into each other, and make me get up and pace. My stomach feels nauseous, gooey stuff chugging. The hands itch, and legs jiggly. I am anxious. My dogs … Continue reading another day in paradise

in the dark

  Do right, they say. But, I’m not sure what’s right. I wonder what it’s like to be who you are, not who you’re expected to be, and do what you love, not what you’re supposed to do. I wonder if it’s too late. Too late to dream. Too old to try. Never, they say. And, I hear. Go for it…? 白黒はっきりせず、灰色しか見えない。「しっかりしなきゃ」と「もうどうでもいい」のあいだ。正義心はエゴかも。 ワクワクするものを忘れないで。見つけに行こうか。   Continue reading in the dark