I had my fish-shaped pancake with sweet red bean stuffing this morning. When I first found the “Taiyaki” stand in the food court area of the Sunday market, I was skeptical. Is it any good? Is it just another Japanese-confectionery-wanna-be? They have different kinds of filling – chocolate and banana, cream cheese, ham and cheese, apple cinnamon, peanut butter and jelly, sweet potato. I chose … Continue reading taiyaki/たいやき

when oleander blooms

I spent my childhood in Nagasaki. It is a small town or was when I was growing up – it was not yet developed, and nature was abundant. In summer, we ran around all day catching bugs and watched fireflies twinkle at night. In the midst of summer break, on August 9th, we gathered in the school gym and joined the rest of the town … Continue reading when oleander blooms

dreams do come true

  I was a wide-glowing-eyed dreamy girl. I wanted to save the world, help people, be a good Samaritan. My first dream was to run an orphanage. The cartoon I was reading had a great impact on me. For a while after that, when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I immediately answered, “Doctor.” I had watched a TV program … Continue reading dreams do come true

three arrows/三本の矢

  “We are from a Daimyo samurai family,” my Dad proudly announced one night. We – three of us, siblings – stared at him puzzled. What? Who? Which samurai? “Motonari Mori.” Relieved, we looked at each other with awe and pride. We had heard of him. He is well-known, not only because he was a smart strategist and expanded his territory during the Sengoku era, … Continue reading three arrows/三本の矢