keeping social distance

  Squawking and banging came from outside. I walked to the back porch to investigate. A pair of chickens was scoping out in the carport. I grabbed a broom and chased them with it, and they scampered away, flapping frantically. It isn’t my first choice to live in the jungle, but I do. And, animals, which humans have brought from somewhere and let go wild … Continue reading keeping social distance

I won. I won. I WON…4th place!

  My first attempt at these contest-thingies went well, I think, thanks to the readers and followers of my blog and the members of my writing group. WOW Q4 2019 Creative Non-Fiction Essay Contest And, my story, “Dogs and a Pig.”     Continue reading I won. I won. I WON…4th place!

seijin no hi – coming of age 2

Continuing from seijin no hi – coming of age. ### It was a frosty night. I arrived at M’s house and met the familiar faces. “Just saw her two weeks ago…she seemed fine…” We huddled, comforting one another. Walking inside, through the white chrysanthemum arrangements, I approached the casket laid at the end of the room and faced M. She had make-up on and was … Continue reading seijin no hi – coming of age 2

a love story – middle

Continued from a love story – beginning.   “What’s the purpose of your visit to the United States?” “…Ah…traveling…” “What do you do?” “…Huh? I…traveling.” “No, no. Your occupation.” “…Occu…?” “What is your job?” “Ah…no job.” “Who’s paying for your trip, airfare, hotel, food…?” “Ah…me, me, before, worked, save money.” “You have once been in the country and are coming back in after…three months?” “…Ah, … Continue reading a love story – middle