the wonder of a jungle

  Life in the jungle is harsh, and peace rests in death. “They wouldn’t come near the dead of their own kind,” someone once said. What’s left, however, entraps the grieving and wanderers.     何かやっても、何もやらなくても、一生懸命生きてる。 何かやりたいことがあるんだったら、やってみたら?     Continue reading the wonder of a jungle


  “How much longer?” he whines. “Not much,” I smile. A person dies, and another is born. It seems infinite. It goes on and on and on, not in circles, just keeps going with no end in sight. “Ugh,” he groans. Religions and academia give incomplete answers. The world we see is a fraction of the unknown. It seems infinite. “Almost done,” I cheer him … Continue reading indefinite

true love

“John called again. He said he wants to see you.” “Nay…” “I told him you are resting.” “Hmm.” “Are you okay? Are you hurting?” “Maybe, time for another shot.” “I’ll get ready.” She grabs a syringe without a needle, fills with liquid morphine and brings it to his lips. “Here, you’ll feel better…” “A useless lump wearing a diaper… I don’t want anybody to see … Continue reading true love