virtual reality

I enter a gigantic, circular room and am surrounded by books.Walkways and a spiral staircase connect the shelves along the curved wall and disappear into the darkness above.I walk towards the tightly lined spines of books, my heart racing, lift my hand, and touch… For Friday Fictioneers – 8 October 2021 and Three Line Tales – week297. Continue reading virtual reality

dear me

You once dreamed of reaching for the stars.Standing on tiptoe, precariously,you looked up at the cloudy sky and searched.You’ve since traveled, seen, and heard.Or so you’re convinced.Have you dreamed lately? 星を見たいけど、この狭い場所からは、見上げても曇った空の向こうはわからない。そう思った日。あれから、できる範囲で、出かけて、見て、聞いた…つもりになっているけど、星は見えたかい? For What Do You See #65. Continue reading dear me


  To dream, to achieve, and to thrive. Seize everything and embrace nothing. I’d instead run while its’ still fun and keep searching. Because… Will I, for sure, get to see another day when the sun rises? 夢って何なんだろう。 夢を叶えるって。 やりたいことって。 次々に手をつけては、 放っていくのは悪いのかって。 あてもなく走り続ける。 明日があるのかって。 陽がまた確実に昇るのかって。   Continue reading torpor

in the dark

  Do right, they say. But, I’m not sure what’s right. I wonder what it’s like to be who you are, not who you’re expected to be, and do what you love, not what you’re supposed to do. I wonder if it’s too late. Too late to dream. Too old to try. Never, they say. And, I hear. Go for it…? 白黒はっきりせず、灰色しか見えない。「しっかりしなきゃ」と「もうどうでもいい」のあいだ。正義心はエゴかも。 ワクワクするものを忘れないで。見つけに行こうか。   Continue reading in the dark