and many more

  “Happy Birthday, Grandma!” The old living room smelled of new paint and was filled with a cacophony and commotion of children and adults whom she barely recognized. She sat in the family heirloom wingback chair, which the daughter-in-law had recently reupholstered with the “candy apple” cover. She missed her husband, her children’s father, who had passed away years earlier. She thought of her friends, … Continue reading and many more


“What’re you doing Saturday night?” She called as I was finishing the second load of laundry. I clasped the phone between my shoulder and right ear, folding my daughter’s freshly washed and dried T-shirt, and murmured. “…Let me check my schedule…” “We’re going out. Girls’ night out!” She giggled. “…I’m free on Saturday…” I kept my hands busy, neatly creasing the sleeves and folding the … Continue reading hang-ups

thank you for calling

“Thank you for calling Tropics Candies. How can I help you?” “…Hello, I would like to have some candies sent to my grandchildren…” “Certainly. I can help you with that… May I have your name, please?” “Olivia, Olivia Moore.” “Thank you, Ms. Moore. Have you ordered with us before?” “…Olivia, please…and, yes, I have. I order your candies every year…” “Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Let’s … Continue reading thank you for calling

a love story – middle

Continued from a love story – beginning.   “What’s the purpose of your visit to the United States?” “…Ah…traveling…” “What do you do?” “…Huh? I…traveling.” “No, no. Your occupation.” “…Occu…?” “What is your job?” “Ah…no job.” “Who’s paying for your trip, airfare, hotel, food…?” “Ah…me, me, before, worked, save money.” “You have once been in the country and are coming back in after…three months?” “…Ah, … Continue reading a love story – middle

a doll

  She avoids eye contact with me, her gaze focused on the void. Her mouth is flat. Her ornate kimono faded. Her ebony hair, however, glistens in the rays of frail light coming from the tiny window behind her. It’s the only window in the room. The room is at the north end of the house and dark and cold even during the day. An … Continue reading a doll

pursuit of ever-elusive happiness

  I’m glad I was born. When I was born, people around me were happy to have me. I am fortunate, and it humbles me. My parents never had lots of money, and we considered getting a cake on our birthday was special. It was my dad’s job to get one on his way back home from work. The bakery had those cakes on display … Continue reading pursuit of ever-elusive happiness