Nobody talks at dinner; their heads are down, staring at devices in their hands. The other hands hold utensils, and they work in motion from the plates to the mouths, making occasional noises. I bring a spoonful of the tomato bisque to my lips, “I miss the old times,” muttering under my breath. All heads at the table turn in my direction. I quickly cover … Continue reading order

precious cargo

  Tim tries to open his eyes and flinches. “You’re gonna make it, buddy.” Who’s that? Tim tries to move and realizes he can’t. “You’re all strapped in and immobile,” the unfamiliar voice seems to be talking to him, “You were in an accident.” Accident? Tim tries to remember what happened. He was driving. He had borrowed Dad’s car. Tim moves his eyeballs and sees he’s … Continue reading precious cargo

video chat

“Hey, you…” “Hey. Let me adjust my screen so we can see better… Okay. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Another long day, huh? You, the essential worker. We thank you.” “Haha. I just wish the things get calmed down a bit. Instead of worse.” “Yeah…” “And I miss you. It’s been a while since I last saw you in person. How are you?” “Let’s see… … Continue reading video chat


“It’s easy for you to say. You can fly and be free. I can’t. I’m stuck in here, immobile, attached to the ground.” Of course, you can. Just shake off the parts that are holding you down. “I can’t.” Yes, you can. Come on. We’ll help you. Hold on to our legs. “I have no arms or hands.” Strain hard. “I can’t.” Just try. “Hup. … Continue reading pop