The red balloon

  She steadied herself and, fixing her skirt, briefly lost concentration on the red balloon she had been carrying. The string started to slip from her hand. She immediately tried to grasp it. The red balloon, however, leaped, trailing the thin line. Away from her. She jumped to seize it and ended up merely stirring and fanning it. The red balloon soared higher and higher, … Continue reading The red balloon

beauty and the beast

  She survived the darkness by hiding and believing that she was not good enough and ignored the sound. One day, a carriage stopped and waited patiently outside, and she lifted her head, mustering her courage, listened, and stood up on her feet. She took a step and another, then another, until she was in the sunlight, and onto the carriage, ushered by her own … Continue reading beauty and the beast


  She opens the plastic cover halfway as the instruction on the box states and places the tray of lasagna in the microwave. While waiting, she watches a YouTube video of a stray dog being rescued. From the covered with a mat of hair and filth to the tail-wagging, adorable. Beep. Beep. She takes the tray out and peels off the cover, avoiding the hot … Continue reading covered


    A red wallet, a cell phone, a pair of glasses, and a pen. The contents seemed untouched. A dog walker had found a purse in the bush at the park across from the police station and brought it in. The shoulder strap was torn, but the metal clasp still locked. A $100 bill was safely tucked inside the unscathed wallet. There was, however, … Continue reading belongings

a twister

  They covered their ears and kept their eyes closed. Under the billowing clouds, the wind whistled and rattled everything, and leaves and twigs twirled and rolled. They huddled and waited. When the wind died down, they staggered out. The sky was clear, and the gigantic plants vibrant. “Hey, she’s back!” “What?” “There!” They looked where his pudgy finger was pointing. Something purple glistened in … Continue reading a twister