a diner

Bang! Bang! Bang! “We’re closed for the holidays!” Liz yelled back at the door. Bang! Bang! Bang! “We’re closed! Come again!” Liz stored the money that she was counting inside the safe behind the kitchen. Bang! Bang! Bang! “What do you want?” Frustrated, Liz peeked through the window. All she could see was a pile of half-melted snow at dusk. She walked to the door, … Continue reading a diner

dinner for two

  Sherry stumbles towards the bar counter. “Cabernet, please!” “I think you’ve had enough,” the bartender stares into her unfocused eyes. “I’m fine… Just one more…” The bartender would not budge. Sherry turns around and looks at her table. There he is. Sitting alone, his delicate hand on the table, patiently waiting for her. He is too good for her. He has never complained about … Continue reading dinner for two

‘til death do us part

After forty years of marriage, Mary and John still held hands when they walked together. Today, their acquaintances were about to tie the knot, and the reception was going to be held at a ballroom nearby.They arrived hands held. The place was decorated with white flowers and glittering ornaments. “They must’ve spent a fortune!” Mary’s eyes glazed. John furrowed his brow. “Gorgeous! Just Dazzling!” Mary … Continue reading ‘til death do us part