A red wallet, a cell phone, a pair of glasses, and a pen. The contents seemed untouched. A dog walker had found a purse in the bush at the park across from the police station and brought it in. The shoulder strap was torn, but the metal clasp still locked. A $100 bill was safely tucked inside the unscathed wallet. There was, however, … Continue reading belongings


  She watches her six-year-old daughter tying her brand new shoes on her own and tries to remember whether her daughter has ever focused on anything this much before. They hadn’t had the luxury of acquiring a new pair of shoes until recently. “Is he coming, mommy?” “Yes, sweetheart.” “When?” “Soon, honey, very soon.” “He didn’t come the last time…” “I know, honey. I’m sorry. … Continue reading waiting

nothing is ever as easy as it looks

  Amanda walked towards the shelf. “These were his favorite books … and his fire truck. He always wanted to be a fireman.” Amanda went into a trance and caressed the dustless objects on the spotless white shelf. “He would’ve been twenty-three…” Finally, Dianne placed her hand on the friend’s shoulder, made her turn, and led them out of the room. Steve and Bob watched … Continue reading nothing is ever as easy as it looks