precious cargo

  Tim tries to open his eyes and flinches. “You’re gonna make it, buddy.” Who’s that? Tim tries to move and realizes he can’t. “You’re all strapped in and immobile,” the unfamiliar voice seems to be talking to him, “You were in an accident.” Accident? Tim tries to remember what happened. He was driving. He had borrowed Dad’s car. Tim moves his eyeballs and sees he’s … Continue reading precious cargo


  “I…I’m sorry, but…what are you doing?” “I’m just adjusting. I know you’ve made the bed already, and I thank you for that. But, I just noticed the corners aren’t right…” “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll do it better next time.” *** “What are you doing?” “I’m making the bed.” “I just did that.” “I know.” *** “Hey, what the…” “What!?” “…Nothing!”   For Friday Fictioneers … Continue reading crescendo


  She hears a muffled hum. A fly? A bee? Trapped somewhere in the room? She looks around, trying to locate the source of the murmur in her bleary vision. The sound intensifies, reverberating throughout the room. She grabs the arms of the chair, bracing to get up. After several failed attempts to stand on her feet, she plunks herself back down. The incessant noise … Continue reading stuck