“What’re you doing Saturday night?” She called as I was finishing the second load of laundry. I clasped the phone between my shoulder and right ear, folding my daughter’s freshly washed and dried T-shirt, and murmured. “…Let me check my schedule…” “We’re going out. Girls’ night out!” She giggled. “…I’m free on Saturday…” I kept my hands busy, neatly creasing the sleeves and folding the … Continue reading hang-ups

road to nowhere

  “Hello, darling. How are you?” “I’m fine. How about you?” “Oh, you know, same, same. Where have you been, though? I haven’t seen you around…you weren’t even at the annual event.” “Uh…I…I wasn’t doing well.” “Oh? Are you okay?” “Yes, I’m fine now. It’s just…it was tough for a while. That’s all.” “Why didn’t you say something.” “Well…” “You always said you were doing … Continue reading road to nowhere

mis. anthrope

The friendship of quality, not in quantity. Yesterday, JoAnn hurt me. Today’s special; my best friend, Betsy. For Three Line Tales, Week 60     相変わらず、他人に振り回される生活を続けています。 自分をしっかり持てとか、自信を持てとか、もはやそういう次元ではないんです。 これで、自分が意外と幸せなんだと思うんです。 葉っぱが、ひらひらと当てもなく降ってきて、ポトンと落ちるような、ああいう他愛ないものなんです。 自分って。   Continue reading mis. anthrope

birthday wishes

While three of us rot away in the jungle, I received a few birthday wishes via cards, texts, and phone calls and realized that they are all from faraway places and none of my close (geographically) friends (?) even remembered. It’s hideous that I think of my birthday that important, but… Though I am thankful for the few friends that I do have, I wonder: … Continue reading birthday wishes