Sparkles on foliage after the morning rain And the aroma of wet grass flowing. I look into the dogs’ bright eyes, their heads tilting.   The darkness at night, Grief and suffering of people, And shadows in my head wailing. I scratch the dogs’ bellies nearby, their paws on me.   A glimpse of hope and dreams, Maybe, belongs to the future. Lessons learned … Continue reading dark

thank you for calling

“Thank you for calling Tropics Candies. How can I help you?” “…Hello, I would like to have some candies sent to my grandchildren…” “Certainly. I can help you with that… May I have your name, please?” “Olivia, Olivia Moore.” “Thank you, Ms. Moore. Have you ordered with us before?” “…Olivia, please…and, yes, I have. I order your candies every year…” “Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Let’s … Continue reading thank you for calling