“I…I’m sorry, but…what are you doing?” “I’m just adjusting. I know you’ve made the bed already, and I thank you for that. But, I just noticed the corners aren’t right…” “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll do it better next time.” *** “What are you doing?” “I’m making the bed.” “I just did that.” “I know.” *** “Hey, what the…” “What!?” “…Nothing!”   For Friday Fictioneers … Continue reading crescendo


    A red wallet, a cell phone, a pair of glasses, and a pen. The contents seemed untouched. A dog walker had found a purse in the bush at the park across from the police station and brought it in. The shoulder strap was torn, but the metal clasp still locked. A $100 bill was safely tucked inside the unscathed wallet. There was, however, … Continue reading belongings

a twister

  They covered their ears and kept their eyes closed. Under the billowing clouds, the wind whistled and rattled everything, and leaves and twigs twirled and rolled. They huddled and waited. When the wind died down, they staggered out. The sky was clear, and the gigantic plants vibrant. “Hey, she’s back!” “What?” “There!” They looked where his pudgy finger was pointing. Something purple glistened in … Continue reading a twister