ten years later

A monster tramped in the falling snow, growling and devouring everything in its path, wiping out the reminders of civilization and leaving rubble and grime before returning to the sea. Familiar scenes vanished and became memories, tears were shed until no more, and resilience was imposed to persevere. Today, the sea is calm while, on the shore, a different type of varmint rages on, and … Continue reading ten years later

seijin no hi – coming of age 2

Continuing from seijin no hi – coming of age. ### It was a frosty night. I arrived at M’s house and met the familiar faces. “Just saw her two weeks ago…she seemed fine…” We huddled, comforting one another. Walking inside, through the white chrysanthemum arrangements, I approached the casket laid at the end of the room and faced M. She had make-up on and was … Continue reading seijin no hi – coming of age 2

Christmas with Buddha

  On the morning of December 25th, I woke up and found a wrapped present. The kindergarten I attended was on winter vacation, and I was staying at my grandfather’s temple. “Wonder who’s this from,” I inspected the present. “Buddha.” “Buddha?” Everyone at the temple was busy with usual morning chores, and I did not query any further. The rest of the week, we cleaned … Continue reading Christmas with Buddha

a doll

  She avoids eye contact with me, her gaze focused on the void. Her mouth is flat. Her ornate kimono faded. Her ebony hair, however, glistens in the rays of frail light coming from the tiny window behind her. It’s the only window in the room. The room is at the north end of the house and dark and cold even during the day. An … Continue reading a doll

happy is as happy does

  She was pretty and smart, kind, soft-spoken and always smiling. Everyone liked her. After she killed herself, jumping off the building near her house, we, her classmates from high school, gathered at the entrance to the building. We all looked up, where she stood by herself a few days before, and wandered in our own thoughts. Why she killed herself was speculated – from … Continue reading happy is as happy does