an origami crane

She neatly creased the paper. “What are you doing?” her granddaughter gaped at the intricate piece by the grandmother’s hands. “Origami… I’m making a crane.” “Aw…” the five-year-old frowned. “You fold  paper like this and like this, open it like this, and voilà!” She produced a crane made of a green square sheet of paper. “Wow…” “Do you want to try?” She placed a sheet … Continue reading an origami crane

a bud

“Brace yourself.” Grandmother pulled and tightened the obi just above my hip. The motion jerked me, but I was able to hold back. “If it’s not tight enough, the whole thing will fall apart.” She made me turn around, scrutinizing everything. The smoke from the mosquito coil rolled upwards and swayed with the evening breeze. The lazy sound of the wind chime echoed. My back … Continue reading a bud

on Girl’s Day

  March 3rd is Girl’s Day in Japan. People set up dolls and rice crackers as they pray for girls’ health and happiness. For my Girl’s Day celebration, my parents and grandparents prepared an elaborate ceremonial display and dressed me in baby kimono. I was loved. There were many traditions and rituals when I was growing up in Japan. There were many “do”s and “don’t”s … Continue reading on Girl’s Day