In the dark, moonless night, she sits on the boulder and rests her tired feet. She has been journeying alone, her wings neatly folded. She had ignored her wings until she met him. When she didn’t think she was good for anything, he gently patted her back, reminding her of them. When she felt that she was invisible, he stood beside her, holding her … Continue reading magic

my Valentine

  I walked into the restaurant. The staff whisked by me. I found my friends waving. “Busy, this place,” I took my seat. “It’s Valentine’s Day,” they chuckled. Couples occupied other tables. We ordered our food and exchanged our Valentine’s gifts. “We were over there. A year ago.” I turned to where my friend was pointing. They then started to talk about something or somebody, … Continue reading my Valentine

picture perfect

We sometimes manipulate our fear into believing in the intangible. We believe or want to believe, whether for fear of being alone or unsafe, that the deceased loved ones are watching over us. On the street, however, when we meet people who hear voices and see images that we don’t discern, we tend to feel uneasy and avoid them. Maybe, those who can see and … Continue reading picture perfect