the world without me

It rejects me: who I am and what I am.It hits me, kicks me, and shoves me hard.But, I stand on my two feet, defying my existence and surrendering to invisibility and insignificance. アタシさえいなければ。ボクなんていなくても。 Continue reading the world without me

cyber hugs

Fear is fierce and pushes you, just like hopes and dreams are and do. This blog is a product of my raw emotions – abandonment, loneliness, and resentment, and of my feeble and uncreative thoughts. It has helped to convince me, many times over the years, that I am not alone. I enjoy being loved, a lot, and thank you. 遠くから、近くから、応援していただいて、ありがとうございます。稚拙で雑な表現しかできませんが、感謝の気持ち、伝わりますように。 Continue reading cyber hugs

fortune cookies

If you have something good in your life, don’t let it go. Sachi snorted. “What does it say?” Toshi reached for Sachi’s fortune cookie message with his chopsticks from across the table. “Stop it.” Sachi waved it off. The chopsticks flew out of Toshi’s hand and spattered on the floor. “…Uh oh…” Toshi leaned and picked them up. Sachi sighed. As they paid and left … Continue reading fortune cookies

thank you for calling

“Thank you for calling Tropics Candies. How can I help you?” “…Hello, I would like to have some candies sent to my grandchildren…” “Certainly. I can help you with that… May I have your name, please?” “Olivia, Olivia Moore.” “Thank you, Ms. Moore. Have you ordered with us before?” “…Olivia, please…and, yes, I have. I order your candies every year…” “Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Let’s … Continue reading thank you for calling

a love story – middle

Continued from a love story – beginning.   “What’s the purpose of your visit to the United States?” “…Ah…traveling…” “What do you do?” “…Huh? I…traveling.” “No, no. Your occupation.” “…Occu…?” “What is your job?” “Ah…no job.” “Who’s paying for your trip, airfare, hotel, food…?” “Ah…me, me, before, worked, save money.” “You have once been in the country and are coming back in after…three months?” “…Ah, … Continue reading a love story – middle