one August day, 1945

A siren pierces my ears. Planes zip above my head. I run, zigzagging, hiding behind trees. A loud explosion stops me. I turn around and see a bright ray penetrate the sky. Then, I hear the sound of rumble. Houses, buildings, and poles crumble down onto earth, leaving me in darkness. Without being able to see, I start to hear voices. Cries and whimpers. “Help … Continue reading one August day, 1945

when oleander blooms

I spent my childhood in Nagasaki. It is a small town or was when I was growing up – it was not yet developed, and nature was abundant. In summer, we ran around all day catching bugs and watched fireflies twinkle at night. In the midst of summer break, on August 9th, we gathered in the school gym and joined the rest of the town … Continue reading when oleander blooms