video chat

“Hey, you…” “Hey. Let me adjust my screen so we can see better… Okay. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Another long day, huh? You, the essential worker. We thank you.” “Haha. I just wish the things get calmed down a bit. Instead of worse.” “Yeah…” “And I miss you. It’s been a while since I last saw you in person. How are you?” “Let’s see… … Continue reading video chat

it’s not me

Sometimes, we believe we are invincible and righteous at the same time. We step on other human beings in order to stand tall.

Our economy is fueled by inequity. We become the oppressed and bullies and are rewarded by meager paychecks.

By looking away and walking away, saying that it’s not me, that I don’t do it, we protect our loved ones and our lives in make-believe safety and remain outsiders.

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