I’m glad it’s raining. I’ll laze around, not showered, until some inspiration moves my fingers. I don’t have to do anything. I can’t mow or wash dogs … it’s raining! My life is that bland and boring when it IS happening. When you have a job you keep to pay bills, families you tolerate, a boss who irritates you, and friends whom you don’t like, … Continue reading bitter

a rare smile

They say to smile when you are feeling low. It’s supposed to help. For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge,  Rare, and daily prompt, Eyes.   他人の痛みの分かる人間になりなさいと言われ続けた。 他人の痛みなど、分かるものなのだろうか。 とりあえず、他人の痛みを察して思いやれる人間になりたい。 人間は、他人の役に立っていると思えるのが一番幸せらしい。   Continue reading a rare smile

a bud

“Brace yourself.” Grandmother pulled and tightened the obi just above my hip. The motion jerked me, but I was able to hold back. “If it’s not tight enough, the whole thing will fall apart.” She made me turn around, scrutinizing everything. The smoke from the mosquito coil rolled upwards and swayed with the evening breeze. The lazy sound of the wind chime echoed. My back … Continue reading a bud


I am unstoppable. I am able and determined. Nothing can stop me. I’m on a roll and don’t want to lose my momentum. Threats and fear can be an impetus to run. But, I am not fleeing. I am compelled to move. Invariable belief feigns invulnerability and conquers insuperable difficulties. Indomitable hubris attacks those insurmountable walls of problems. I am invincible. Only, now and then, … Continue reading momentum