grace in imperfection

He called himself Mr. Perfect. He was meticulous, immaculate, punctual, an idealist and a perfectionist through and through. He often got frustrated and irritated and said, “People like you make people like me people like you!” I am an imperfectionist. I am sloppy. I do things imprecisely, acquiesce and compromise. I think adaptation is a survival skill. I don’t either push myself or deprive myself. … Continue reading grace in imperfection


  “Why are you angry at me!?” “I don’t know! You, giving up on yourself like that… It makes me angry!” “I’m the one who’s messed up, you know. Not you!” “I know! I know, I know…” “Now, you are making me angry.” “I care about you, I guess.” “What?” “I just want you to be … happy…” “Why do you say things like that … Continue reading venting