virtual reality

I enter a gigantic, circular room and am surrounded by books.Walkways and a spiral staircase connect the shelves along the curved wall and disappear into the darkness above.I walk towards the tightly lined spines of books, my heart racing, lift my hand, and touch… For Friday Fictioneers – 8 October 2021 and Three Line Tales – week297. Continue reading virtual reality


Often, I have my head in the clouds and don’t see the beauty of reality. 曇っている頭を晴らそうと, もがいてばかりいたら、 現実の大切なものたちを見落とすかな。   For ONE WORD PHOTO CHALLENGE: CLOUDY            Continue reading haze


  Whether to convince others or me, I can pretend to be somewhat smart and adept. But, reality ever seems to find ways to throw itself into my face and reminds me of who I am. A lousy impersonator, I always have been and always will be. 振りは、できる。自分はできるんだと。 頭が良くて、適当に何でもできるんだと、他人に思わせたいのか、自分に信じさせる為か、振りをして、ごまかす事はできる。頭の端の方の疑念に気付いたまま。 そして、何らかで現実を目のあたりにすると、本当の自分が見えて、尚更嫌になる。     Continue reading charlatan