video chat

“Hey, you…” “Hey. Let me adjust my screen so we can see better… Okay. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Another long day, huh? You, the essential worker. We thank you.” “Haha. I just wish the things get calmed down a bit. Instead of worse.” “Yeah…” “And I miss you. It’s been a while since I last saw you in person. How are you?” “Let’s see… … Continue reading video chat

and many more

  “Happy Birthday, Grandma!” The old living room smelled of new paint and was filled with a cacophony and commotion of children and adults whom she barely recognized. She sat in the family heirloom wingback chair, which the daughter-in-law had recently reupholstered with the “candy apple” cover. She missed her husband, her children’s father, who had passed away years earlier. She thought of her friends, … Continue reading and many more


  “You can’t do this.” “…Mom…” “They’ll find out… “It’s fiction, mom.” “You can’t write about us.” “It is not us. They are fictional characters and events.” “But, still…” “This is my first novel, mom. I worked really hard, you know that.” “I know, honey. It’s hard to make a living as a…writer. I wanted you to get a stable job with benefits, get married, … Continue reading rickety

road to nowhere

  “Hello, darling. How are you?” “I’m fine. How about you?” “Oh, you know, same, same. Where have you been, though? I haven’t seen you around…you weren’t even at the annual event.” “Uh…I…I wasn’t doing well.” “Oh? Are you okay?” “Yes, I’m fine now. It’s just…it was tough for a while. That’s all.” “Why didn’t you say something.” “Well…” “You always said you were doing … Continue reading road to nowhere