tempus fugit

  She leans in to scrutinize the stranger. The blotchy haggard face with narrowed eyes, scraggly salt-and-pepper hair barely covering the dry scalp, and skeletal contour. I hope I won’t look like that when I get old, she touches the hollow cheek in the mirror with her wrinkled hand.   For Three Line Tales, Week 224. photo by Nick Fewings via Unsplash Continue reading tempus fugit

keeping social distance

  Squawking and banging came from outside. I walked to the back porch to investigate. A pair of chickens was scoping out in the carport. I grabbed a broom and chased them with it, and they scampered away, flapping frantically. It isn’t my first choice to live in the jungle, but I do. And, animals, which humans have brought from somewhere and let go wild … Continue reading keeping social distance


  To dream, to achieve, and to thrive. Seize everything and embrace nothing. I’d instead run while its’ still fun and keep searching. Because… Will I, for sure, get to see another day when the sun rises? 夢って何なんだろう。 夢を叶えるって。 やりたいことって。 次々に手をつけては、 放っていくのは悪いのかって。 あてもなく走り続ける。 明日があるのかって。 陽がまた確実に昇るのかって。   Continue reading torpor

another day in paradise

  I am definitely feeling weird, confused. Not the same way I felt when I quit my job and became uninvolved, but something unsettling is stalking inside me. In the head, squiggly black lines scratch everywhere, bumping into each other, and make me get up and pace. My stomach feels nauseous, gooey stuff chugging. The hands itch, and legs jiggly. I am anxious. My dogs … Continue reading another day in paradise


  I think because I have a conscious mind. I laugh because my heart is blissfully ignorant. And, I cry because I know.     優越感から優しくなれることもあれば、劣等感が自分を押す力になるときもある。 辛い思いをしたり悲しい経験をするのは私一人ではないのだからと自分にハッパをかけることはあっても、悲しんでいる人や辛い道を歩んでいる人に向かって私もやったんだからと上から目線になったりせず、その厳しさや苦しみがわかるゆえ、心から寄り添える人間になりたい。   Continue reading zen