a love story – middle

  “What’s the purpose of your visit to the United States?” “…Ah…traveling…” “What do you do?” “…Huh? I…traveling.” “No, no. Your occupation.” “…Occu…?” “What is your job?” “Ah…no job.” “Who’s paying for your trip, airfare, hotel, food…?” “Ah…me, me, before, worked, save money.” “You have once been in the country and are coming back in after…three months?” “…Ah, yes, yes…” “…And, who is he?” I … Continue reading a love story – middle

a love story – beginning

  Every morning, I woke up in my tiny apartment in Japan and got on the same old bus to nowhere. Looking out the window, wondering what else was out there, I was merely living when our paths crossed. I tried to ignore you at first. You didn’t seem interested in me. “You’re weird.” “What?” “You’re different.” “You, different.” “Of course I am. I’m Gaijin.” … Continue reading a love story – beginning

pride and propriety

  I could challenge myself by asking a question, “Is it?” every time or defend with definitive “No!”     他人に迷惑をかけないように努力するって、えらいことだと思う。どう足掻いたって絶対に迷惑かけて生きていくのに、百の迷惑にならないように、どうにか七十、八十くらいで止めようとしているってことでしょう? でも、他人に対しては自分の杓子定規で非難したくはない。それはダメでしょうと決めないで、え、そうなの?と、もう一度考える余裕を持って生きたい。   Continue reading pride and propriety


  She placed her hand on her daughter’s heaving shoulder. Her daughter’s outburst abating. “I’m sorry, mom…I didn’t mean to hurt you…I don’t want to hurt you. I want you to be proud of me. And, nothing seems to…. I took my frustration out on you….” “I know, honey. You just needed to vent. You know I love you no matter what.” “…Mom…” “You trust … Continue reading cocooned


  “You can’t do this.” “…Mom…” “They’ll find out… “It’s fiction, mom.” “You can’t write about us.” “It is not us. They are fictional characters and events.” “But, still…” “This is my first novel, mom. I worked really hard, you know that.” “I know, honey. It’s hard to make a living as a…writer. I wanted you to get a stable job with benefits, get married, … Continue reading rickety