a lone beacon

Never stop wondering. Never trust dogma, norms, or yourself. And, keep your heart and courage intact with utmost conviction. For Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Eight


For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, “Shine“  


For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: It’s All About Nature  


  She is nowhere to be seen. Is she hiding? Is she trapped? Is she dead somewhere? She is no fool. She could smell fear and doubts. She would hear whimpering in the air. She would know. I try to allure her even so. I doused her with misery, agony, despair and grief. She held…

being local

He’s a local, too.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Local“  

the swing

She used to kick her feet high up in the air, swing into her fantasy, and wonder, “What will I be when I grow up?” Once she grew up, however, she swayed to and fro between her dream and reality, and often mulled over, “What am I doing?” The swing is now stationary, and she…

inner child

You must think young to stay young, they say. If I act young, however, they tell me that I am just an immature middle-aged hag. If I were allowed to misbehave, though, I’d run all the way until I burn. For The Daily Post’s Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity  

loss of innocence

When we close our minds, refuse to listen and, to create a false sense of security, believe that we are not hypocrites… 自分は偽善者ではないと思う偽善。  

lost in a hinterland

You know that thing that you love more than your ego. I want it. 肝っ玉の小さい人間だけど、自分に正直という気の強さは持ちたい。

after the rain

  For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: H2O  

the voice

It has been four years since I last heard your voice. Wanting to hear you laugh, talk, assure, and even disagree, I press your number with my shaky finger. I know better, but my heart still aches when I hear, “The number you dialed is not in service.” For Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Six


She is walking; fast-paced, focused, and fixated on the voice on the phone. She gives a few instructions, finishes the conversation, and hangs up, still walking. She is oblivious, yet cautious, to the passersby, stores, eateries, and streets. She is in a hurry, has places to go and people to meet. She wears only the…