She watches her six-year-old daughter tying her brand new shoes on her own and tries to remember whether her daughter has ever focused on anything this much before. They hadn’t had the luxury of acquiring a new pair of shoes until recently. “Is he coming, mommy?” “Yes, sweetheart.” “When?” “Soon, honey, very soon.” “He didn’t come the last time…” “I know, honey. I’m sorry. … Continue reading waiting

going high-tech

  Her eyes and fingers are glued to her smart-phone. “No machine will replace us. We’ve survived the industrial revolution, automation, and computerization. We had to adapt and evolve, of course. But, the method remains unchanged. I know about robots made for…you know, and they are getting better, I hear. They still need interaction, human touch, spontaneity.” Her fingers pause. “…Is there such a thing … Continue reading going high-tech

road to nowhere

  “Hello, darling. How are you?” “I’m fine. How about you?” “Oh, you know, same, same. Where have you been, though? I haven’t seen you around…you weren’t even at the annual event.” “Uh…I…I wasn’t doing well.” “Oh? Are you okay?” “Yes, I’m fine now. It’s just…it was tough for a while. That’s all.” “Why didn’t you say something.” “Well…” “You always said you were doing … Continue reading road to nowhere