crisp and tender

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves

chamber of education in De Wallen

They say the opposite of poverty is education. Do they teach you how to be rich at school? I wouldn’t know. I might not have education, but I provide edification. I am in the business of providing dreams, fantasy, and liberation. It’s not the grandest, but money is okay. Did I always want to do…

true love

“John called again. He said he wants to see you.” “Nay…” “I told him you are resting.” “Hmm.” “Are you okay? Are you hurting?” “Maybe, time for another shot.” “I’ll get ready.” She grabs a syringe without a needle, fills with liquid morphine and brings it to his lips. “Here, you’ll feel better…” “A useless…


It’s getting too complicated. Not simple, good ole days anymore. We live on, move forward, and trudge through. People still, selflessly, serve, devote to help others. What’s wrong with that? Nothing…    


He was going to die, he said. He wanted to see her. She contemplated for a while, then, gathered enough courage and money, bought a ticket and boarded the flight. Once she sat in her assigned seat, though, she was regretting. She couldn’t watch him die. She just couldn’t. She unbuckled her belt and stood…

sacred light

She notices that she does not need to have someone to hear how miserable she is or to assure her anymore. There is no reason to remind people how much she misses him, how often she wishes he were with her, or how long it has been since he left them. They move on. They…

a storyteller

She is weaving a tale, a fine one, which will make the audience weep, ache for more and adore her. As she carries on, she starts to feel uncertain, and the knot at the end looks loose. Defeated, she unravels what she has created, and her ideas and aspiration are, once again, all balled up….

just wanted to say “hi”

I almost stepped on you. You appeared out of nowhere! For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Isolated Subjects

living on the…

…wedge.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Edge  


Defeat and anxiety mumble as walls of the invincible crumble. Beseeching hands of solitude reaching for the twilights. Imprisoned indefinitely inside the looming towers of gloom, never to see another sky so bright.   For Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Two photo by Steven Wei  

light and darkness

Lights are visible only in the dark.   For One Word Photo Challenge: Contrast    

destruction and rebuilding

For seventeen years, she had stayed in that stormy relationship. The decline was gradual at first. A swash of disagreement spilled over the edge now and then. A trickle of resentment started to seep through and formed a puddle of misery. Then, a surge of rage overflowed, and a bigger dribble made a bigger pool…