be good

You inhale and sigh. You place your fingers on the temporalis muscle that twitches. And look at what’s in front of you. You’ve been taught to appreciate, to be humble. You know that a great effort went into making the meal. Not to mention the hard work of the farmers and delivery men who provided the ingredients. You want to run away. From the plate … Continue reading be good

sail away

Water splashes in sync with the creaking of boats. On the shore, children run, and adults do chores in and near the huts. “This river originates in the mountain where your ancestors are from.” “My ancestors, Grandpa?” “Yes. Those you never met, some even I never met.” “You? You know everybody.” “I might be older than you but, no, I do not know everybody.” “Do … Continue reading sail away

a temple

The sultry wind caresses her wispy hair as she steps down the gangway. Once on the pier, the local men, children, and women surround her, their hands extended ― some with cheap scarves and trinkets, some empty. She passes the buses waiting for passengers, who have paid to be taken to places with more hands before returning to the never-ending food and the towels folded … Continue reading a temple