my Valentine

  I walked into the restaurant. The staff whisked by me. I found my friends waving. “Busy, this place,” I took my seat. “It’s Valentine’s Day,” they chuckled. Couples occupied other tables. We ordered our food and exchanged our Valentine’s gifts. “We were over there. A year ago.” I turned to where my friend was…

my place?

Where I live, boars live.   What I love, boars love.     For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Tour Guide. “Share with us an image, or two, or three, (or more!) of where you live. For bonus points, tell us what it is about the photo(s) that you love.”  

picture perfect

We sometimes manipulate our fear into believing in the intangible. We believe or want to believe, whether for fear of being alone or unsafe, that the deceased loved ones are watching over us. On the street, however, when we meet people who hear voices and see images that we don’t discern, we tend to feel…


“”I want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited.” ~ Sylvia Plath Nothing is as simple as black and white. ~ Pleasantville   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Variations on a Theme.  


  “I like being a widow.” She stands on her own two feeble feet, holding her frazzled self. “It tones down my sparkling personality.”     For Three Line Tales, Week 104      

absence of sound

Oh, those beautiful words that I cannot pronounce. Don’t leave me speechless.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Silence.    


For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Silence.   … about fear, about being vulnerable. May I share this …?        

happy is as happy does

  She was pretty and smart, kind, soft-spoken and always smiling. Everyone liked her. After she killed herself, jumping off the building near her house, we, her classmates from high school, gathered at the entrance to the building. We all looked up, where she stood by herself a few days before, and wandered in our…


  I saw a butterfly. I saw him twice. He came back to make sure that I was indeed Happy. 「元気にやってる?」 そう言って、 君はまたあらわれた。  

up, up and up

I am, currently, relaxed about having no direction. “Is this it?” evolved to “This isn’t it!” then, eventually grew into “Oh, well.” We are expected to aim high, thrive. The higher you get, though, the windier it gets. I wouldn’t know, but so it seems. Oh, well.   For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge,…