The remanence of equatorial daylight struggled under the surging black clouds. Tweeting birds fused with misty bamboo trees in silhouette. A current of damp wind flowed over the tea bushes and flipped the last page of the book on her lap. Completely unplugged at a lavish eco-lodge for a week, she felt herself rebooting. Soon she’d be back to the world compressed into the … Continue reading disconnected

and many more

  “Happy Birthday, Grandma!” The old living room smelled of new paint and was filled with a cacophony and commotion of children and adults whom she barely recognized. She sat in the family heirloom wingback chair, which the daughter-in-law had recently reupholstered with the “candy apple” cover. She missed her husband, her children’s father, who had passed away years earlier. She thought of her friends, … Continue reading and many more

fluent in silence

“The broken are the more evolved.” ~ M. Night Shyamalan   “Oh, no. That coupon’s only good for regular white milk, not for low-fat.” “Oh, okay…” “Do you still want this?” The cashier waved the carton of 2% low-fat milk. “Yes…” I nodded. The rest of the merchandise was quickly scanned. “It’ll be $48.67.” I swiped my card, which I had been holding in my … Continue reading fluent in silence