it must be the blue sky

It rained every day, pouring through the membrane of silence. The sky was gray and gloomy, obscuring me with a film of solitary. I was not fine. Then I was. For a while. The rain has stopped, and the sun is out. Birds singing, wild piglets squealing. I wish I could’ve gone with you. 生まれてきてくれて、出逢ってくれて、ありがとう Continue reading it must be the blue sky

a call

“Hello.”“Hello there. I’m just calling to let you know that I’m on my way.”“You’re coming to take him.”“Yes.”“Take me, too.”“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”“I don’t wanna be left alone.”“I know it’s hard.”“You’ve taken everybody.”“I’ll come back for you some other time.”“Don’t keep me waiting too long.”“You’ll be fine.”“I’ll have to be. Again. Alright. See you soon, Death.” For What Do You See #122. Continue reading a call

a witness

Yelling and shouting, I heard. Oh, I don’t know about what. I just saw the truck leave the driveway shortly after. I’d heard them argue before. They scream all the time. They don’t talk. They shout. One morning, I recall, she stomped out of the house, screaming, “I’ll kill you.” Then he came out, grabbed her, and went inside with her. The whole time, her … Continue reading a witness

and then…

I am me among us. Who I am is mirrored by those with whom I’m surrounded. Making oneself happy—that’s the most important job one has. 我慢してる人に頑張ってとは言えないけど、いつの間にか自分を取り囲んでいる悲しみや辛いことと戦って、状況を打破しようとしている人は応援する。生まれてきた以上、自分を幸せにしなくちゃ。 Continue reading and then…