time gone by


symbol of love, symbol of commitment til death do us part, symbol of past

    In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”


I don’t think I am senile, but I don’t remember what I did or what happened yesterday. I seem to remember, however, what happened in the distant past. I never had to endure major hard times, and they are sweet memories. Only in them, things that are no longer here prevail; innocent self as a child, a forest that has been developed, slinky dresses, an old truck that we fixed, and us.
Am I just embellishing the past?

    In response to The Daily Post’s daily prompt:“Memory on the Menu”

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  1. kayrpea61 says:

    I don’t have any problem with reminiscing, as long as the memories are special and happy 🙂 I wouldn’t describe it as embellishing.

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  2. andysmerdon says:

    Embellish away if it makes you happy – I know it makes some of my memories even more exciting 🙂

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  3. andysmerdon says:

    P.S. I love the picture 🙂

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  4. Scott says:

    Ah, very nice. I can remember things from the distant past, but can’t recall what AI had for lunch. 🙂 I really like the “blah blah blah”. It makes me laugh.

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