I have a picture of me at the kindergarten. There was a mochi (sticky rice cooked, pounded and shaped into flattened balls) making activity. Some kids participated in pounding, some in assembling.
I was molding pieces into balls.
A teacher came by, picked one of my mochis up, and cited for the even smooth shape.
“Good job!”
I was ecstatic. My heart must have been pounding with excitement.
But, in the picture, I look timid. Having my eye on everything, making sure other kids aren’t too jealous, lips pursed and both hands never stopped working on the mochi balls.

I am one diffident individual. When I get recognized, acknowledged, or praised, however, my ego easily gets inflated. And, I trip on an inflated ego and end up staring at the bottom.
Repetitions of squirming and tripping, my life always has been and always will be.




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