two puppies

They were five-week-old when I first met them.
I came home from work one day, and there they were, tumbling around and whining.
You had gone to the Sunday market and saw a lady with a blue bucket. Inside, there were two puppies. Their siblings had been already taken. They were the leftovers.
The lady said that her puppy got pregnant before she had her fixed and that she was giving away puppy’s puppies. And, if she could not find someone to take them, she would have to take them to the local shelter.
You looked at one, a female puppy. She was shaking in the bucket. You picked her up, and, as soon as you held her, she stopped shaking and looked up at you. Before you knew what you were saying, you blurted, “I’ll take her.”
You then looked at the other one, a male, and thought of how this one would be left alone in the bucket. Needless to say, two puppies came home with you that Sunday.
When I called you to let you know that I was on my way home, you carefully mentioned that you had bad news – you got dogs, and good news – you got dogs. You knew that I was afraid of dogs.
“You’ll love them if you love me.”
That is what you said to me, after telling the news.
That was nine years ago.
I do love you. All three of you. And, I forgive you for getting these dogs.

photo taken by Scott
photo taken by Scott

“Nurturing Thursday-Fly”



How was I scared of dogs as a child? Please read this post…









子供の時に どんなに犬を怖がっていたかは、こちらで。

7 thoughts on “two puppies

  1. Nine years! Can it have been so long? That lady with the bucket must have saved the best for last, because you got two extra-fine dogs. And for someone who claims she used to be afraid of dogs, you certainly became a first-rate Doggy Mama. Good example of how you never know what you are capable of until Life tests you. In your case, you get an A.

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  2. I am such a sucker for baby puppies — how fortunate for them and for you to have all the moments of 9 years. Be proud of yourself for taking the risk and overcoming the fear — such courage has been rewarded with nuzzles, wags and unconditional love. Thank you for linking to Nurturing Thursday.

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  3. As always, a touching, heart-warming episode with a tinge of poignancy. I too had a dozen or so puppies and kittens, not at one time, but nearly over a three-decade period. They were not the pet-shop products, but either had been abandoned or somehow found their way to my house as a stray animal. I think I can really relate to him at that time when faced with the dilemma of being a compassionate animal lover and a thoughtful loving husband. Thank you again for sharing your valuable experience with your one-and-only love.
    英語教室 Lingo-Field (Sendai, Miyagi, Japan)

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