a house for sale

I don’t expect you to understand that this is more than a house I’m selling,
that my husband died here,
that I watched my dog take her last breath here,
and that I watched my other dog deteriorate and had to make the difficult decision a few months ago, here, alone.
That I’ve had to fight and fend alone.
That, many times, I wished I could just quit.
That I got up and held on.
Throughout the storms, rains, earthquakes, and eruptions.
Alone. Here.
No, I do not expect you to comprehend at all.


10 thoughts on “a house for sale

  1. Leaving behind the emotions in a house you need to leave is hard. If only you could bottle up all those spirits and feelings and take them with you. Perhaps, it is time to say a final farewell and find a new start.

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  2. Perhaps I have not lived through what you have lived through but your words have taken me there. I hope your house will sell quickly and you can move on to a new chapter in your life. Best wishes to you!

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  3. Best wishes Kumi hug. I hope your sale goes to plan and I understand that it may feel like you are leaving this behind, but memories are carried with us, wherever and whenever we go. Warm wishes from Australia

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