birthday wishes

While three of us rot away in the jungle,
I received a few birthday wishes via cards, texts, and phone calls and realized that they are all from faraway places and none of my close (geographically) friends (?) even remembered.
It’s hideous that I think of my birthday that important, but…
Though I am thankful for the few friends that I do have, I wonder:

What is wrong with me?

Do I stink that bad?

Am I so difficult to get along with that people care as long as they are some distance away?

It must have been very tough to be around me for as long as my husband had to.

Did I kill him?


6 thoughts on “birthday wishes

  1. Dear friend, happy birthday! Please accept my sincere apology for overlooking you this year. I have been so caught up in my own pain and suffering that I forgot I could be giving pain and suffering to a friend through lack of attention. I hope you understand that I do most sincerely love you and consider you a forever friend.

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  2. Happy birthday Nelkumi-san. Today’s world moves so fast and is filled with so much that people are distracted, and can forget. May you have had a great birthday that filled your heart with joy and wonder, no matter who remembers or forgets.

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  3. Really! Firstly happy birthday, secondly you’re the nicest person on wordpress and thirdly CHEER UP! Have a lovely Christmas wherever you are and don’t dwell on such morbid speculations. I had three wives die on me and was actually responsible for one through letting them stay with me in a war zone. Our baby daughter was killed too, but I didn’t do it for all the guilt I feel. God Bless. Anton

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