the only one

  “You shall receive anything you desire,” she said. “Anything?” I queried. “Yes. A big toy, a small toy, anything.” “… Anything I want. …” “Anything. But, you must choose only one.” “I have one.” “Well?” I whispered the word into her ear. “But, you know what you’ll lose in exchange?” she studied my face. “Yes.” “Are you sure that’s what you want?” “Yes.” “Then, … Continue reading the only one

grief, grit, and grace

  “Young people nowadays….” “What about them?” “They are ignorant, irresponsible.” “Young people tend to be bold and brave.” “Nah, they are wimps, weak. They can’t handle any interference. They just get frustrated.” “Like you do? When they upgrade the system?” “Hmm….” “They’ll get old enough to critique the next generation. We seem to keep that tradition, though nothing else stays the same. Think of … Continue reading grief, grit, and grace

arctic intelligence (A.I.)

  “He didn’t make it.” “Not all of us do.” “Not in this freezing temperature. Alexa, get us out of here.” “Okay. Cortana, show me the map.” “I’m sorry I can’t do that.” “Okay. Siri, show me the map.” “I’m not sure I understand. My apologies.” “Google, what’s going on?” “There is a technical problem downloading the map due to the extreme weather, Watson.” “Climate … Continue reading arctic intelligence (A.I.)

an origami crane

She neatly creased the paper. “What are you doing?” her granddaughter gaped at the intricate piece by the grandmother’s hands. “Origami… I’m making a crane.” “Aw…” the five-year-old frowned. “You fold  paper like this and like this, open it like this, and voilà!” She produced a crane made of a green square sheet of paper. “Wow…” “Do you want to try?” She placed a sheet … Continue reading an origami crane